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Devb Inc is a software startup with several open source projects. A majority of Devb software applications are high performance, open source and therefore customizable products. Devb provides small and medium sized organizations with the means to run a software driven business.


Open Source Projects




Open Standards, Open Source LGPL (VSCode, Eclipse, NodeJS, JavaScript, Go, Python, Java, C) Cloud, IoT, DevOps (in fact, NoOps), Blockchain, OmniChannel, Bottles/Containers, Linux, Open-Shift/OpenStack, Cloud-Foundry.


Devb Inc

55 Madison Ave, Ste 400, Morristown NJ 07960 USA

2 Main Street, Ste 1, #1121, Sparta NJ 07871 USA

Email: info at devb dot com


Devb Inc is an active partner of AWS, Microsoft and IBM; members of Docker, Linux Foundation and Slack.

AWS Partner | IBM Partnerworld | Microsoft Partner

Docker Partner Docker Partner

Linux Foundation Ind Member

Hyperledger Meetup at Rockaway, NJ

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology. Hyperledger Meetup groups have an informal relationship with Hyperledger, and make up a key part of the Hyperledger ecosystem. Participation in a Hyperledger Meetup group is free and open to anyone -- employees of a Hyperledger member company, Hyperledger contributors and developers, and people just passionate about blockchain technology.

Devb Inc releases Permissioned Blockchain - Paperback and Kindle format. ISBN-10: 0997888725, ISBN-13: 978-0997888720

Permissioned Blockchain explores the disruptive ecosphere of technology and human thought through the lens of runaway distributed ledgers. I am sure early adopters of the new technology will save considerable time and annoyance from the patterns and anti-patterns found in the book. Besides being served an intense apprenticeship on blockchains, the reader gets to master the skills of financial planning and lending. Accurate, full of examples, the book provides all the reader needs to know about Hyperledger fabric, composer and sawtooth-seth.