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Saratoga App Station

AWS ©(™) SDK and specs enable services inter-operable at four levels – system, infrastructure, platform, and software (SIPS). Not at the level that companies need. Today, only a few known components generate custom cloud software that think business-first. The missing link is a focused cloud architecture that adds content and components, and collaborate to deliver enterprise solutions; those solutions remain insulated from changes in the basic service levels of SIPS.

Bundled are several architecture components into the Saratoga App Station architecture.

Saratoga App Station

Saratoga App Station eases your efforts - how you develop, deploy, test and operate on the cloud.

Cloud provides a shell that understands: Saratoga App Station complements through
Transactions Attributes
Security Relationships
Events States and Version management
Naming Rules and authorization
Roles and access

You've heard this before - isolation achieves nothing. Saratoga App Station promises an enterprise the benefits of critical things working in conjunction. "Network" and "Compute" are no golden words, they have been around for decades – the new architecture promises a marriage of the two. With a universal, standard medium that Saratoga App Station promises, you can rapidly provision, distributed giant clusters of servers through a low-key robust low maintenance design; Saratoga App Station can turn "network-computing" and "distributed-components" from watchwords into reality.

Assess the Lending Mortgage Web-App

Microlending and mortgage software, built on a node-js/angular full stack design. It uses node-red, sqlite3 and external APIs to complete a mortgage application complying to MISMO (MBA) standards for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Underwriting.

  Start the journey

‘Lend.Company’ delivers the resources for a lender and a borrower to transact comfortably – unobstructed. It tackles loans - personal, small business, auto and home.

Clearly a disrupter - it changes the way lending is done today.

Getting to know the borrower, asset (to be purchased) and the lender is always the toughest part. The LendCo engine accomplishes the ‘impossible’ in matter of minutes with ‘bots’ to assemble unbiased facts quickly.

Devb LendCo easily extends into different geographies, currencies and regulations with minimum changes - hence suitable to diverse clients. Small, medium sized lenders find LendCo matching their needs.

For a start, Lend.Company assesses the borrower, facilitates the ending transaction and services the loan.



Invest into loans

High returns

No limits


LendCo Engine

Cloud based


Strictly regulated

Secure and safe


Screened / Known


Flexible terms

Quick to loans


Check the Logs-Analyzer

Saratoga Logs-Analyzer is a node-js/angular full stack microservices product. It uses node.js with express and analyzes LOG files generated by applications, services and the web in a typical cloud stack. The Analyzer has undergone tests with Terrabytes of Logs produced from a University running thousands of researchers and their web applications in AWS.

  Start Saratoga Logs

Logs vary in structure and data. Meant for audit, no two applications generate them to any consistent standards.

Saratoga uses a recursive function to dive deep into the text and jargons spaghetti and search for information at real time.

List S3 Log Gzip-s

Fetch gzip json details from s3 bucket

Fetch Gzip-s

Fetch gzip json details from s3 bucket, unzip

Unzip, Clean, Decode Logs

Rearrange JSON clumps as JSONs

Experience dltlite

dltlite is a node-js/angular full stack microservice. It uses nginx, node-red, sqlite3, redis to achieve an append only, immutable distributed ledger which self-replicates and runs on millions of nodes processing transaction journals at burst speeds of 25,000 journals/minute. Unlike its cousins in the Blockchain world, dltlite runs on a single container on very small footprints.

  Start dltlite master   Start dltlite worker

A high speed, nimble performing electronic exchange. Use-cases range from DLT to leasing, lending, billing, loyalty rewards, chats, family-trees, ephemeris etc. Protected hash-keys, asset digital hash values, encrypted TLS transmission, dedicated (private) networks, append-only, edit-shy system.

Works on a master-multiple worker(dormant master) model. Worker can be forced or timed to become a master for fault tolerance or load balancing.

Provision for access control and business rules through the master node.


Meet Astrology Web-Applications

Astrology engine has been built on a node-js/angular full stack with the tenets of microservices design to ensure single responsibility services are consistently met through the application. It uses node-js, PHP, mysql and exposes a set of APIs to manage different kinds of astrology settings such as (vedic/celtic), and others.

  Start Jotiz


The company

Devb Inc is a software startup with several open source projects. A majority of Devb software applications are high performance, open source and therefore customizable products. Devb provides small and medium sized organizations with the means to run a software driven business.


Open Source Projects




Open Standards, Open Source LGPL (VSCode, Eclipse, NodeJS, JavaScript, Go, Python, Java, C) Cloud, IoT, DevOps (in fact, NoOps), Blockchain, OmniChannel, Bottles/Containers, Linux, Open-Shift/OpenStack, Cloud-Foundry.


Devb Inc

2 Main Street, Ste 1, #1121, Sparta NJ 07871 USA

Email: info at devb dot com


Devb Inc is an active partner of AWS, Microsoft and IBM; members of Docker, Linux Foundation and Slack.

AWS Partner | IBM Partnerworld | Microsoft Partner

Docker Partner Docker Partner

Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner

Devb Inc releases Permissioned Blockchain - Paperback and Kindle format. ISBN-10: 0997888725, ISBN-13: 978-0997888720

Permissioned Blockchain explores the disruptive ecosphere of technology and human thought through the lens of runaway distributed ledgers. I am sure early adopters of the new technology will save considerable time and annoyance from the patterns and anti-patterns found in the book. Besides being served an intense apprenticeship on blockchains, the reader gets to master the skills of financial planning and lending. Accurate, full of examples, the book provides all the reader needs to know about Hyperledger fabric, composer and sawtooth-seth.

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